Camel Audio cease trading . Sad Sad news

No reason given?

absolutely none . just completely shut the site down , you can transfer your licence if you want to sell , you can back up all your plugin’s and continue using them . I find it really hard to believe that Ben just gave up on A2 , it’s got to be a buy out

Something fishy going on. The past few buyouts I’ve seen with audio software have been made public. Something seems off here…

I hope it is a licensing thing, but it could be because of the new EU VAT on digital sales.

Naaa , it seems like a standard Apple shock and awe tactic to me . I’m sure there will be news in the winter Namm but it’s a long time to wait .

I am very sorry to hear this news, I have always found Alchemy and indeed all the Camel products to be very inspirational to work with.
Good luck to the team and hope there is a solution out there somewhere for them all.

The site has been stripped down to basics but it’s not shut down - which adds to the conspiracy thinking. You can still download and backup your existing software until July.


Just a quick update - purchased by Apple?

whoa, that is bad news for us pc users

It’s not bad news , it’s a complete rip off , this mean’s that Ben has been talking ballshit . So much for the Fake Zen attitude .

We were all led to believe A2was around the corner and now after spending god knows on soundpacks and all the Camel plugin’s for Pc we are dropped just like that .

I will never buy another plugin again !

Picture being a pc based Emagic logic audio studio when apple bought logic and abandoned PC support. :smiling_imp: that was me!

It’s been posted once Swamptone

Yep. This will be the 2nd time Apple has screwed me.

I think I recognise this “transform pad” from somewhere - surprised to see it in Garage Band…

Just a reminder to back up any files you may have as the deadline is now 7th of July.