Campaign for more emoticons

That rabble to the right (all 24 of em) just ain’t enough. Can’t we get a few more in there Steinberg? We need a Facepalm one for a Fail. A spank one for naughty peeps. Probably another 24 or so should do us for now :sunglasses:

+1 :mrgreen:

+1 least they could do really! :chin:

yes, it’s 2011 ffs! A ‘talk to the hand’ smiley would be nice. I was fond of the :hihi: over at Nergs. :slight_smile:
the wink smiley has got to go - it looks more like a crooked smile with a shaven brow. :wink:

Good to have you back, Phil! We need someone with the cojones to go toe to toe with the
powers that be and address these touchy issues. :sunglasses:

I think, collectively, Lenny, we could achieve things here :smiley: I nearly used the wink emoticon then but respected your opinion :smiley:

Ya think so Phil ?

More emoticons has been asked for since the new forum started, never an answer from Steinberg :unamused:

:bulb: :bulb: :bulb:
the philterizer strikes again!


about time!

and yeah, the :hihi: was my favorite, too!

not sure I’d ever use these for anything > > > :nerd: :ugeek:

two more über lame smilies: :frowning: :cry:

The stock phpBB3 smilies are rubbish compared to the classic phpBB2 smilies.

And we need more dancin’

I think we need a “do not feed the trolls” smilie and the one with the mouth pulled wide in a sort of grimace with the tongue poked out. That’s my contribution to injecting a bit of culture onto the forum. :unamused:

What like this …


:smiling_imp: :confused: :open_mouth: :astonished: :unamused: :question: :ugeek: :nerd: :mrgreen: :neutral_face: :arrow_right: :cry: :smiley: :slight_smile: :wink:

Definitely need more emoticons!
Hey mods, here is a hack for you. You can add as much as you need and they will appear in a pop up window.

… no reason. Just thought it was awesome. :smiley:

mind you,… as i look through this thread, I start to realise how completely annoying they are. I remember back when MSN was cool and ground breaking and these things spread like wildfire. But god how mind numbing did it get and how quickly. Not sure I want a forum full of it.

Maybe we should go for more emoticons, with a 2 emoticon limit or something…?

My god what a conversation to be in… lol

Still some things are for sure. 1. ONline they aid communication. 2. The ones provided are limited. 3. This could be easily improved upon.

Some sentences can seem ambiguous or completely missing the intent. A good ole emoticon tacked on at the end tends to remove any ambiguities :ugeek:

…yes, while at other times they act as as fig leaf, in a transparent attempt to mask the true
intent of the post.

Brings to my mind the following:

Nice case when, for example “I am not envious of Lenny’s elite bass-playing skills :imp:

And nasty case, when a post is out and out cripplingly cruel …
then ends with a :wink:

The underLYING rule being: “If someone complain about what is above a :wink: , then poster don’t have to take responsibility, and complainer is the nasty meany cos you can’t take a joke”

I believe the intent of an emoticon needs to be already fully contained in the preceeding text.

ONe grouse of my own is when the Visual Image UNintentionally masks the intent of a post … EXAMPLE: I believe the simple old forum smile-emoticon has a pleasent ‘nice nice, but not overassuming’ aura. Smile-Smiley here is now too ‘in yer face’ … for example … "I’m happy you’re beginning to see some happiness after your hideous tragedy :slight_smile: " … noooooooo.

Degree of intensity: Here’s an example of ‘nailing it’ The old forum only had :open_mouth:, whereas the choice of :astonished: AND :open_mouth: makes me feel :slight_smile:. Now, if Steinberg could design something between :neutral_face: and :slight_smile: , I’d be like :smiley:. While I’m at it, something between :neutral_face: and :frowning: would be good, because :frowning: is kind of ‘so sad I’ve not slept for three nights and might do something silly’.

As for that ‘king wink … Well, you KNOW I hate all winks. I do. But while I’m STILL :unamused: at it … this forum’s :wink: is TOO Bruce Willis … self-satisfied - "I am not serious, this IS indeed a joke … but it is a joke ‘on’ you, and my having made it, you are somehow the less for it’" I thought the wink on the old forum was a bit ‘knife behind the smile.’ Though not quite as smug.
IMO, the ideal ‘wink’ emoticon would include a terms of agreement box which had to be clicked before it could be used … “I agree that in using this wink, I am acknowledging that the burden of proof of my humourous intent is on my and on nobody else’s shoulders”

I’m not trying to :urinating monkey: the set of emoticons we have, but am :violin player: that we do not have a bigger pallette, and :pray: that more will be made available.


… tea break over … back to Save Transparent Events and Old Fixed Parts Behaviour