[CAN-12087] 9.5 Cue sends disabling themselves

I have a reference track routed to Cue 2 so i can flick between my mix and my reference track… straightforward enough.

When i open the project the send to Cue 2 is showing as being on an active but no sound is evident.

I have to toggle the ‘on’ switch off and then back to on in order for audio to pass through.

Possible bug… anyone else?

Yes, that’s a bug, sorry. Will be fixed in the next update (CAN-12087).

Thanks Andre, nice to know it’s on the list!

For how I work, this is a critical bug. I’ll be likely unable to remember to do this toggle at the beginning of every session, and so a cluster buck would be an unwelcome part of the beginning of each session’s workflow.

This bug is SUPER ANNOYING- now I can’t get my cues to work at all…
Supposedly you can just toggle the on off but this doesn’t seem to be working anymore

Lol - got them working - had to los toggle pre post - what a pain

Has been reported fixed by some… Hmmm?

This one seems all sorted from my own perspective… except now i have really crappy graphics performance :unamused:
Uncle steiny giveth with one hand… then taketh with the other… :unamused: :open_mouth:

Gonna stick with C9 for now i think…

Someone fixed their graphics performance issues by disabling Nvidia Shadowplay. What GPU are you using?

I’m using an ATI card, works beautifully on C9… just doing some drum programming now and it’s sweet as a nut… in C9…

Try updating your OS and GPU drivers if you haven’t tried that already.

I’m right up to the minute but thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: