[CAN-12238] Magneto II bass loss and more (plugin version only)

Attached is a 50Hz - 1000Hz - 11025Hz test file. I’m using render in place for these tests.

Using the Sample Editor, the unprocessed file looks like this:

Using the channel strip version of Magneto II with preset “Drum Group 2”, it looks like this:

However if you use the VST plugin version with the same “Drum Group 2” preset, it looks like this:

The plugin version causes a HUGE bass loss, even if minimal saturation is used. Additionally, it seems that the plugin version doesn’t have as much of an effect on dynamics compared to the channel strip version.
50Hz_1000Hz_11025Hz.zip (172 KB)

Noted as CAN-12238.

This isn’t fixed in Cubase 9.5.10, but here’s a workaround I forgot to post:

The Magneto included in VST Bass Amp works the same as the channel strip version. To use it as an insert, just disable the amp and cabinet simulations. There are of course no presets, and you’ll have to adjust the output level by using the Volume pedal, but it works.