can 2 or more surface controller work with C 6

HI , can 2 or more surface controller work with C 6 , Bitstream along side Novation SL MK 2 ?? would there b issues in win 7 x 64 ???
can auto map learn changes be saved?? so when i next open a vsti it can b used automatically ???
suggestions appreciated .


You can use 2 or more controller simultaneously.

If you want to make changes in the settings of Automap, you have to do this in the Automap application directly.

hey thanks , but can that be saved with a cubase project , n used always ???

Sure can!

In fact I have 3 controllers!

On one machine I have Steinberg’s CC121, Tascam’s DM3200 and my Frontier Tranzport all working simultaneously without issues using Cubase 6.5.3.

Thi is not save with projects. This is as your Cubase settings for all your projetcs.

thanks all appreciate it , what i meant was ,can i make learn , n assign a particular c6 knob or knobs to one of My Surface Controllers , will it always work , like that for another project , or i use it for other projects … , i understand it wont save with the current project in c6 , but does auto map have presets u can save ??? like vst/is?? etc ??? or does it work automatically ??? so does it get saved on the pc or the SC ??? thanks

Yes, you can assign specific parameter to any knob (button, fader) in the Auto map. This is goal of Auto map, you can make your own assign. In the Kontakt, I’m using fader one for master volume, in the FM8, I’m sending the same HW fader to Cutoff, for example. :wink:

Thanks , any one using bitstream X3 with C 6 , using its features , or integrating features of auto map 3 or 4 to it ???with Win 7 x 64 ???
and well finally which surface would u recommend having the best ease of use for todays latest features … thanks again … sm

I’m using Automap 4 on Mac, no problem.

thanks Guys , last questain , will auto map work with any surface controller , or only Novation products ??? i was like going in for Bitstream X 3 … n can i buy auto map software only ?? hw much does it cost ??? thanks sm

Automap works with Novation controllers only. You will get it free with any Novation controller.

Thanks Guys appreciate it … sm