[CAN-23481] TRULY readable Text in ADR

hello Steinberg!

so we purchased Nuendo 10, and tried ADR with CSV marker import.

FIRST, we do NOT notice improvement in size of text, even if it was said to be fixed in a previous patch of 8.2 (not sure of the version)
SECOND, there is (hopefully) a easy fix to implement , with huge impact: allow us to specify the font name, size, color and background color of the ADR details window.

in the picture attached, on the bottom you see the “Dialogue”; which is written in white under blue, poorly readable.
Even some basic values to change manually in the Registry will be enough for us to use it :slight_smile:
Best will be of course to show those options inside the preferences/settings->themes

the other fix should be : the corresponding line in the general view (with index[16] in this example); should be wide enough to show ALL lines

Can’t wait to have this correctly done once for all!

frédéric :open_mouth:

I do not use ADR, but given that users can have different graphic cards, screens using different colour temperatures, and different lighting environments, it obviously makes sense to provide user-definable settings.

Hi Frédéric,
Thank you for your purchase!
I have created an entry on this in our database for Nuendo 10. So far, it was rather the color scheme that changed over the different Nuendo 8 versions.

thanks Ed!
hope to see a patch soon :slight_smile:


Hello Ed!
any updates? We should be able to choose the font size, at least.


Hi! Not yet unfortunately. I have asked again as it should have been re-evaluated with Nuendo 10.2.

Well, the “white under blue” should be fixed with Nuendo 10.2 actually. The other parts are still in discussion and may be modified at a later stage.

hello Ed and happy new year!
thanks a lot, we recently make a real test with a professional narrator, and do not get any negative feedback about the text display :slight_smile:
it’s because indeed, black under gray is easily readable, much more than white under blue!

see attached picture