[CAN-23675] (10.0.30 bug) Can't select metronome output channel after update

Has anyone the same problem? I can’t select metronome output channel in metronome options, when I’m clicking in checkbox to select channel, the window disappears (it’s on Mac)


Confirmed and reported to Steinberg CAN-23675. It’s Mac only.

Not only can you not choose an output, but you also can’t scroll through the box to select an output which is off the bottom of the screen.

Hopefully both issues can be fixed at the same time so it returns to being functional?

In the meantime you can revert to rendering the click and manually choosing an output to get around this.

If you have Cubase Pro you can use control room to send a click to different outputs. And yes, it’s seems to be only an issue for macOS users.

  1. Open metronome Setup
  2. While holding “OPT (ALT)” key on a keyboard press “Choose”.
  3. As soon as you see the output dialogue release the “OPT (ALT)” key.
    Edit window will disappear and the output dialogue will stay.
    Voila, you can now choose the metronome output.

Short video



Thank you very much for the workaround! Nevertheless I hope it will be fixed with the next update.

You’re welcome!
I’m a bit confused because I made a post about the solution and the user (Vinylizor) wrote that it didn’t work for him. It would be great if someone checks the solution again. On my machines it works but may be it’s just my luck :slight_smile:


Unfortunately this workaround doesn’t work to me neither.

Confirmed (see updated subject title). We plan to fix this with the nxt maintenance release. Sorry for this!


This issue has been fixed in Cubase 10.0.40 update.

There is still a problem with this!

If you have a large number of I/O you get a huge selection box that drops off the bottom of your monitor. There is no scroll bar so you cannot get to select all your outputs.

That is true but not related to the initial issue reported here. This has been in our database already and we are aware. Thanks for the reminder though :wink:

Is there anyway I can fix this without updating to 10.5? I’m on High Sierra and therefore can’t update. Honestly though, a ‘PRO’ DAW with a broken metronome…really???

You can update to 10.0.4 (the link is somewhere here, just scroll through the previous posts) or to 10.0.5.


The latest Cubase 10.0.x version is 10.0.50.