[CAN-25846] Cubase 10.0.5 Double CPU Usage and ASIO Spikes

I just updated from Cubase 10.0.3 to 10.0.5 and now the same project I was working on has ASIO spikes. I went to task manager and noticed the CPU usage nearly doubled. I rolled back to 10.0.3 for the time being and it is working fine again. Has anybody else experienced this?

How did you roll back to 10.0.3?

Go into the old style control panel (not the settings one). From there go to the Programs icon. On the left hand side select view installed updates. You can roll back from there. I did it fairly quick so I’m not sure how long it is before the roll back option is no longer available. I did not install 10.0.4 so my roll back was to 10.0.3.

I’m surprised nobody else has this issue with the double CPU usage. I have a 7960x CPU so maybe it just effects high core count chips.

I too am having trouble, but my problem is audio dropouts while recording. Never happened before. Thanks for the rollback info. I’m doing it now. I installed the latest update last night and todays session has been a disaster.



I agree. For some reason the CPU is maxing. Stops playing song. I tried to roll back but it removed cubase 10. Had to reinstall.

Seeing similar issues. Adding a plugin to a FX track wouldn’t stop spiking. Had to remove the entire FX track.

I haven’t got the spikes, but it is much slower than usual. Everything in the GUI is slow, opening of plugins is slow, and extremely often I get the mouse pointer turning to the working icon. Never happened earlier unless I was saving a project. Well I have now downgraded as described above to 10.0.40, and will see if that changes anything. It could still be some of the latest windows updates that causes this. But it feels faster now, and I will report back within a few days when I have tested it all a little more.

The odd thing here is that it is actual CPU usage and not just the ASIO performance meter. ASIO performance meter is spiking here and there even when I remove a bunch of stuff. Same project in 10.0.3 uses about 75% ASIO meter but is rock solid. CPU usage in task manager is around 40%. Same project in 10.0.5 ASIO meter is all over the place and spiking. CPU usage in task manager is around 70%.

Maybe because I have a high core count CPU it doesn’t like it. I have a total of 16 cores which uses 32 threads. I know there was issues before with high core count chips but it was resolved with version 10. Maybe it has been reintroduced.

If we’re talking Windows here, interestingly, I found no difference with the 10.0.50 update, but then two Windows updates came along, and after KB4522355 my CPU and ASIO usage actually went down.
2019-10 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1903 for x64-based Systems (KB4522355)
I don’t know if it’s related, but under “Improvements and fixes”, it lists: “Addresses an issue that allows the system to go to Sleep (S3) after two minutes of inactivity even if you configure the sleep timer to never sleep.”

Wild guess, YMMV.

I’ve noticed this too. And not just ASIO spikes but Disk Cache Load spikes too with audio skipping several bars at times.

Are people seeing this issue on Windows only or also Mac?

And more specifically, Win7 or only Win10?

Seeing some Win10 signatures

If this is a Win10 issue, I would just revert back to 10.0.4. Cubase 10.5 is designed specifically for Windows 10.

The 10.0.5 patch didn’t really fix much anyways.

I can report too that 10.0.50 immediately causes CPU spikes and glitching high CPU on same projects that work fine on 10.0.40 and Cubase 9.5.5.

Rolling back to 10.0.40 works fine. Thought I was alone in this but it seems like the number or affected people is growing here. Steinberg how can we determine the cause?

I’m on latest Windows 10 build and updates

ive just come on here I too am experiencing issues the past 3 days…luckly ive not updated too the 10.0.50 update yet im still on 10.0.40 but ive been getting lots of spikes and drop outs im on windows 10.

Using cubase 10.04 with win 10
Last week my project worked just fine, opened it up today and i cant even press play… Cpu is on 70% but the asio meter avrage load goes crazy spikes to 100% every second

I suspected it was a plugin issue so i opend a new project with couple of audio channels and insert crave eq on each, everything was fine till the 4th channel when the asio meter went from 10% to spiking madness when i closed the 4th plugin everything was back to normal
Also tried it with abbey roads chambers and had the same result. Didnt had the chance to test further with different plugins yet But i used those plugins before with no problems…

so my conclusion for now is that it has to do with windows updates

The problems on this thread are for the 10.0.50 update on Windows 10(I think exclusively or mostly?)

If you are having same behaviour on 10.0.40 it may be something else?

Working on Mac here, I just updated and I’m having the same problem with CPU usage!!! When exporting it says CPU overload and stop exporting!!! Please Steinberg do something because I’m between projects and I can’t go back to the previous version because of my template, I saved it in this last version. I know I did wrong but cannot go back (or can I??)


Yes same on Mac, it is crashing projects, I can’t work. This is awful, please fix ASAP!

For those having this issue when exporting, disable constrain delay compensation and it will work fine.

How come the newer, updated and ‘refined’ version is worse than the last one? Did Steinberg give up?