[CAN-5864] MIDI insert Microtuner broken when project opens


This happens on every track using the MIDI Realtime modifier Microtuner.

Settings are no longer active when reloading Song

1.Create Retrologue 2 Track
2.Create or play a Chord or melody
3.Insert MIDI Modifier > MicroTuner <
4.Load Harmonious Tuning that you can hear is different from EqualTemperament
For test purposes, even better, tune all notes down 50 cents

5.Save song with new tuning
6.Save Microtuner preset

7.Reload / Revert to Saved Song
8.Hear the difference / when playing back, reload the saved microtuner preset ( it should sound exactly the same as your saved song if all works like it should )

Os: win 8.1
Cubase 9.01

This has now been reported to happen on Mac computers too

Simple repro

  1. new project
  2. new inst track with Halion Sonic SE flute (any flute or pure tone will do)
  3. add midi insert Microtuner, adjust a slider
  • note pitch change
  1. save, close and reopen project
  2. Microtuner appears with the previous settings, but does not modify pitch
  • click on slider, it begins to work