[CAN-6257] Tempo detection: an unrec. error has occcured

It seems tempo detection is broken in C9?

Have a project with multiple wav stems
Choose the drum stem
Highlight the wav in the arrangement window
Click detect tempo
Leave default settings
Click analyse
A window will pop up saying “an unrecoverable error has occured”
Cubase will still be able to continue, but tempo has not been detected or adjusted

This worked fine till 8.5.2 for me.

Can confirm that with a clean full 9 install (+ 9.01 update) without imported preferences, this happens as well, so it’s not a preferences or upgrade error.

Any news on this? I’ve got 3 projects waiting I need to align
drums recordings to sloppy timing piano and bass.
can’t complete these projects without this working. :frowning:
support already has my DMP file.

Hi Raphie,

this is already reported, logged as CAN-6257.

great, is this going to be part of the next update?

The fix version in the entry is 9.0.10, but I see that the last comment (2 days ago) is about asking a cpr file to reproduce it, as we couldn’t. Would you please add a reply to the ticket you opened, attach a cpr file showing the issue and add my name somewhere in the body or subject?

I’ve got no further request in my ticket?

I meant you could have sent an additional note from that ticket. But I replied now.

Thank you!

Ahh ok, yes I’ve uploaded the project, but it’s any project really.
The wav was to big to upload,
But i did also upload the screenshot.

Interesting. I rendered a MIDI track to audio, applied Tempo Detect, default settings, and got no error message, and it applied the function. Cubase 9.0.1.

Yep, we could not reproduce either… I’m aware of two cases so far

I’ve found the issue.
I am creating new projects, via my templates. These templates have been carried over from 8.5 to 9 when upgrading.
When I start a new project via these templates, it crashes tempo detection
However when I start a new project via other empty project, it works.
So there seems to be “something” in 8.5 projects / templates C9 doesn’t agree with.

My guess is that the devs look at the differences between these 8.5 / 9 CPR structures, to find the cullprit here and address these. It would be a shame if I had to rebuild all my current projects, started in 8.5x in order to continue working on them in 9.

Imagine 5 customers with an album release planned for Q1/Q2 each 10-12 tracks, each track being a stem mastered CPR with automation, everything… I cannot rebuild 50-60 projects from scratch.

Looks not that easy. Works here with both 8.5 templates and projects, but it’s useful information regardless.

I’m leaving this topic here rather than moving it to Collected, in case there are other users affected wanting to chime in with their experience.

I’ve narrowed it down further,

the stem has 20sec of silence in the beginning, cropping the stem so part only contains rytn, no silent begin part sorts the issue. seems there is a threshold of 10secs of silence or so, before it craps out.

Can’t you just sent them that project?

I’ve been doing some tempo detection on files and have found that some audio files will 100% cause 9.0.1 to crash, whereas others work perfectly OK every time. The crash occurs at the end of Analayzing.

I wondered if it was a file creator / header info type issue (as Raphie kind of eludes to) so I trimmed some of the effected files and bounced them down from with Cubase so that they were Cubase created files.

They still crash.

I can send you an audio file that does it if it will help?

But I don’t see [CAN-6257] listed in the fixed bugs. And now, on 9.0.10 Cubase will not detect tempo correctly in a MIDI or an audio file in a project I am working on (I did not have an issue in a separate project in 9.0.1).

Did I visually miss the listing of [CAN-6257] in the fixed bug list?

Another update: i’ve found what broke my tempo detection
Though i selected an audio part, i had my cycle markers only on 4/4 (4 beats)
For some reason cubase uses the cycle markers to detect tempo, when increasing this to at least 32 beats, it works fine again on all files.
I was under the assumption that selecting a file would scan the whole file, but it seems it’s limited to whatever is between the markers.