Can a crossfeed plugin be applied to headphones only?

I’ve just installed a crossfeed plugin to try to compensate for abnormalitoes when mixing on headphones. But it’s just occurred to me that I can’t seem to insert a plugin for headphones only in the Control Room Mixer. Is that right? Do I have to actually add it to the Stereo Output and switch in on and off when I switch between headphones and speakers? If so, that does seem like an oversight …


Seems like. Never thought it myself, but it would be nice to be able to insert some plugins into control room ouputs: EQs for balancing different speaker setups and headphone crossfeeder.

Time to make a Feature Request.

I´m maybe misunderstanding you, but I can add Plugins in Phones channels, for every speaker setup independently, and the main mix in control room even in C5.

Hi guys,

perhaps I missed something, but I can insert a plugin into my phones channel in the Control room and another one into the main speakers channel. no problem.

You maybe need to expand the control room view to show the insert slots.

Wow! They are really there. You learn something new every day.

hahaha… it’s amazing just how good Cubase actually is and even when we think we know it, there are still surprises to be had :sunglasses: