Can a group track be a default track output?


I’ve built a template where every channel (audio, VSTi, FX, group, etc) is routed to a “main group” track which in turn is routed to my stereo output bus.

Problem is, everytime I make a new track it outputs straight to the stereo bus, not the “main group” which is my intention.

Any way I could tell Cubase I want every new track first routed to the main group track?


I’m sorry but there is not a way to have a Group track be the default output for a new audio track in the project. You may already know this, but if you select multiple tracks, then hold in Shift when you change the output for one, it will change the output for the selected tracks. I hope that is helpful.

Ok. Is there any workaround that would produce a similar result - for example, default output that is routed to another output?

The workaround is default output, that is routed to no other output.