Can a MIDI track Input notes to VariAudio?

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I’m trying to use a MIDI track to generate harmonies in VariAudio, but without success*. Anyone here able to give a hint, or point me to a vid please (I cou;ldn’t find one)?

I’ve gotten as far as the step shown in the Manual Page attached, where the MIDI “lines” appear in the VariAudio track, but even so I can’t hear the harmony, just the original melody. I guess I can’t find the one or two more buttons to click that I need to …?

“You can use the Pitch or Scale Chords options to associate the pitches of audio and MIDI” … that’s the part I don’t know how to do, I think …

Thank you for any advice!

C12.0.60 Pro

  • Maybe this can’t be done: VariAudio references a MIDI track to generate harmonies to a melody that exists already in VariAudio, in a process similar to Waves Harmony or Nectar 3 ?


What do you want to achieve? Do you want to make a harmony by using MIDI?

The manual describes the way, VariAudio can follow the Chords or the Scale of the Chord track. That means, the notes would never be out of the given Chord or Scale. Generate Harmony Voices is other function in Cubase, if this is what you are searching for.

@Martin.Jirsak ,

Thank you for your reply! The quote here is what I’d like to do … I don’t want Cubase to generate its own harmonies, I want to create them directly nice and quick and easy by playing them into a MIDI track for Cubase to use.

Is that possible in Cubase?

Thank you!

Not sure I understood you correctly, but you cannot create harmonies in VariAudio, as it only works monophonic (apart from the Create Harmonies function which you don’t want as it doesn’t allow for custom input. It would be a nice feature though if that could instead follow a prepared MIDI track…).
If you want the monophonic audio to follow an also monophonic MIDI, you could use the PitchCorrect Plugin if you set the scale source to external MIDI.
Else I think you need third party software.

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Or you can use the Generate Harmony Voices function in Cubase.

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Thanks, gents.

That will be sweet when Cubase gets that function (playing harmonies of choice in via MIDI keyboard).

I’ve looked at the Waves Harmony and Nectar 3 plugins. Both do that, but the Nectar 3 engine seems to not do well with changing the harmony note fast enough to match syllable by syllable in the melody.

Waves Harmony does that well, I just bought it ($40, wow), it is so cool to be able to play the harmonies in.

As an aside, one thing it doesn’t do in my hands is give natural sounding harmonies if shifting by more than 300 cents or so … my Holy Grail! :laughing:

But this playing in the harmonies via my keyboard is huge for me … quite happy ATM!