Can a mod please tell me which graphics card works?

Fabio is a mod here.

And boy…nvidia, at I and Intel all are causing problems? Lol. What else is there?

I have been having this prob according to latency mod since 7.5…so nothing new.

Have you tried the recommended tweaks to the Nvidia installation?

If not then uninstall everything Nvidia…see how LatencyMon reports dpc running on MS drivers (will only be low resolution) while it’s uninstalled.

Assuming that’s OK run Nvidia installer as custom, untick everything except the Graphics driver and tick clean install.

Do read up on whatever latency checker you use. Unless something has recently changed, the one recommended by Steinberg in the FAQ for building a DAW system is NOT YET compatible with Windows 10.

In my case, issues I had with Cubase (and other DAWs) boiled down to a pair of SSD drives by PNY (nice fast drives for burst mode opening of files and programs, but they do not work well at all with streaming on two of my builds [One based on Intel Xeon, the other on AMD Phenom II). I got all system pagefiles and anything that needs to ‘stream’ off of those drives, and things have worked great since.

Just curious - where would one find those there Grim?

I said what they were in the same post :confused:

Well I’m either blind or just plain stupid then.