Can a Rack Configuration saved Globally ?


When setting up a rack in a project and lets say only inserts are visible can this setting be saved and opened in a another project ?



Do you mean Inspector of the Project window? This is a global settings. So once you set it in any project, it will be the same in another project.

If you mean Racks in the MixConsole, this is project related. So you can create your own template with this settings, and start from the template, instead of Create an Empty project.

I mean Racks in the MixConsole. If I jump from project to project ( not new projects ) I would want to have for instance the previous project Rack settings to be recalled in the next project without hiding or showing certain racks and change the fixed number of slots etc. So to to be able to save certain rack settings as presets ?


Are both of your project open? Do you just select, which one is the Active one? This works to me here. Every single project has its own MixConsole settings.

I found a workaround !

I use Mix Console 1, 2 and 3 and set them up differently. works like bomb.

Thx anyway for the help

And that works the way you want it to from project to project then mbr?

Yep ! all 3 mixconsoles run independent from each other and when opening other projects it keeps the settings

Lets say Mix 1 > Just Racks only INS/SENDS visible
Mix 2 Racks > EQ and strip
Mix 3 > Overview and meter bridge

Thanks mbr - I’ll give that a try.

I haven’t put the attention into the mixer setups that I really ought to to make things easier for me.

This is how it is ment to be. Every single MixConsole offer different view (perspective) at the mix.