Can a template file corrupt a recording

First of all I couldn’t log on to my ID that I’ve had for over 20 years, so I am not a newbie. Cubase 13 Pro latest update, Windows 10, 32 gig of ram, blah blah blah.

Last weekend I recorded a band that had been in the studio previously last year. Same setup and I used all the same mics and preamps as per my notes from the previous session. Things sounded great in the control room but when the band came in to listen the tracks were super distorted, garbled and a bit sped up. I tried everything. I exported the individual files , set up a new blank session, imported the files and same result. I opened the original file I used for the template and it was fine. After they left I set up all the drum mics, the bass di and mic and guitar mic. I recorded each individual mic one at a time until all the tracks were full and no distortion. I am baffled as I have used this method of creating a new recording countless times. I’ve since done individual tracks on other projects with no problems.
So now I have to set up a new session at no cost to them and start over.
Any ideas on what could have caused this


Have you tried just to increase the Audio Device’s Buffer Size?

No but the performance meter is not maxing out and that still does not account for the track being speeded up. It is the equivalent of a track recorded @44.1 and played back @ 48


Does the Project Sample Rate match the Audio Device Sample Rate?

Yes, the sample rate is the same, 96k. Everything is my normal setup