Can a trial version turn unlimited via different elicenser?

Hi there,

I do not own Nuendo, but want to collaborate on a Nuendo project with a friend of mine.
My plan is to download Nuendo 6.5 trial to be able to already start working on the project before we meet.

Question is: can my trial version be turned into a ‘real’ (unlimited) version by simply replacing my trial elicenser with his original elicenser when he comes to visit me? Or does he have to bring his computer (no laptop!)

Or am I being to complicated and there is another workaround?

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I’m pretty sure the trial becomes a full fledged version as soon as you plug in a dongle with a proper license on it.


As it seems to me the “trial” is only the “license” on the elicenser… Once I had a broken elicenser and during the weekend I just activated a Wavelab trial license on another elicenser as well as Steinberg sent me temp licenses for all my applications.

Sounds great! Thank you all for the replies.


It works, but you have to install the NEK if you buy Nuendo.

Hi folkfreak, please specify.
Do you mean you would recommend the NEK for it’s extra functions?
Or do you mean without the NEK I can’t turn my trial version into a normal one via exchanging the elicenser?


The trial is without nek. When you buy Nuendo with nek you have to install that.

As far as I remember, the Nuendo demo runs for 400 working hours, thats like 10 weeks…Maybe thats enough to realise your project.