Can a VSTi like omnisphere become an audio track only?


Sorry for being dumb but i do not use VSTi’s much. however i am doing a project with a person who uses Pro Tools and he is mixing and mastering my cubase project for me. he does not have omnisphere. i use omnisphere on an instrument track in cubase for 1 or 2 tracks

is there a way to convert that instrument track to just an audio track with the omnisphere sound on it?

when i do the OMF export i need it to be all audio tracks i think


Set Locators -> Solo Track -> Export Audio Mixdown (Import Into Project)

oh thanks !

so does that convert it to an audio track?



or set up this macro


Try it and see! :wink:

Yes, it should create a new audio track with the event in the exact place of your locators.

thanks all!

GREAT! i was thinking i would have to export a wav of just the track and then re add it!

so much easier! SWEET!