Can Absolute 5 Instruments use Steinberg Licensing?

Is it possible for the Absolute 5 instruments to be registered with Steinberg Licensing (and thus be usable on 2 machines without a Usb-eLicenser) or are they only licensed with Soft-eLicenser & Usb-eLicenser.

No… you can the list of Steinberg Licensing compatible items, and more info at the Steinberg website

So, as I don’t see Halion 6 in the list of apps using the new Steinberg Licensing, what would be required to use all elements of the Absolute 5 bundle on a PC? What if I want to have Absolute installed on multiple PC’s, so I can switch from one machine (ie desktop to laptop) - can that even be done? Would I need a dongle? Sorry for my ignorance, I have never owned a Steinberg product, and I’ve so far only been using the Cubase free trial with the new Steinberg Activation Manager.

One other question - is this the right forum for questions about the Absolute 5 bundle?

Thanks for you help!

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If you’re using the Soft-eLicenser, you would have to go through the reactivation process to move the license between computers.

If you buy an USB-eLicenser dongle, you can just connect the dongle to the computer which you wish to use.

Once Absolute makes the move to Steinberg Licensing, you’ll be able to activate it on up to 3 computers simultaneously.

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Thanks for the info!

Any recommendations on a reliable USB-eLicenser dongle?

Any idea when Absolute might make the move to the new Steinberg Licensing?

There’s only one.


search for it on google

Yes, I’d like to know that too!

As is well known, they will tell us that upon release of the product.