Can any composers help with my Asio overloading?

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m using Cubse Studio 5 64bit with 64bit samples (some via jbridge) but the asio seems to overload too easy. I have never got past 3.5 gb ram. Here’s my setup:

Windows 7 64bit
Cubase Studio 5 (64 & 32)
E-MU 0404 Audio Interface (Have the latency set at about 40 ms)
8gb Ram
AMD Phenom II X 4 955 (Quad Core Proc.)
2 x 500Gb Hard Drive
1 x 1Tb Hard Drive
Samples include:
Albion Orchestra
Komplete 8

On my current project, for example, I have got 5 VST instruments loaded and a couple of audio tracks with Guitar Rig 5. Hitting about 2.5 gb ram but the pops and crackles are pretty bad. If anyone can offer some advice on what I could maybe look for and adjust that would be great as I’m finding it hard to work with all the pops, crackles and dropouts.

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Phil C

Well, probably the first thing anyone’s going tot tell you is raise the latency.
Some plugs may not be fully compatible in 64 bit, even with Jbridge. Before Addictive Drums went 64 bit, I used Jbridge for it and it still ate up a lot of asio. It was the only plug that I use that was doing so. I found that CB Studio 5 64 bit generally ate up more asio in any case than 32 bit. For that reason, I stuck with 32 bit which runs flawlessly. If you’re not going to be using more than 3.5G/ram, I would suggest you do the same. Jbridge will also work in reverse for your 64 bit plugs. It will also allot 2G ram for each plug, even in CB5 32 bit.
You could also stay in 64 bit and enter your plugs one by one to see which is the bigger culprit of your pops, crackles and dropouts.

Hi krullhero,

Don’t know if it will help to solve that issue! But try to sample (record/mixdown) the sounds of your VSTs?

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40ms is a decent buffersize, I run at 5 ms so 40 should get you somewhere :slight_smile:.
What samplerate are you using?

Hi there,

you will have to raise the buffer size, 64 samples is too small for your system I presume.
Especially if you are using “bridged” VST Plug-Ins.

I would recommend to raise it to 256/ 512 samples with your hardware for mixing and if you want to record something, lower it for the recording session to a smaller buffer size for a lower latency.



Hmm, your first line is a bit weird Krullhero. I think ‘samples’ should be ‘plugins’?
64 samples buffersize is not quite the equivalent of 40ms buffersize!