Can any of you post some example of your disk usage and RTP

When I got the C9 trial, I seen good performance, now that ive bought it im seeing crazy spikes… Lol I have installed some new updates from the sales, namely waves stuff and soundtoys.

My system is i7 3.4 2600k / 16gb ram. Win 7 SP1.

Would any of you mind loading up some minimal sessions and recording a short video or something to show whats going on with yours id really appreciate, I just want to get an idea of whats normal for disk usage/real time peaks.

My RAM and CPU in task manager performance monitoring dont seem to be being touched, but the disk usage and RTP monitor in cubase is crazy with a blank session and jut a couple tracks loaded with like butch vig vocals and nothing else. or combination of some plugins running at 192 buffer… Tripping me out.

since it worked as a trial, and the official version is the same except for your licence that has been upgraded, you should start to think on what you have changed in between. E.g. is the install on a different drive or is there something usb extra in the setup, and so on.
It is the realtime classic performance issue that is well known and documented but different on each system, so difficult to track.

for more info look:
it is one of the better vids on youtube about it. It is slow, but goes all the way.

no need to trip, instead just the right time to really think about what you are doing. :slight_smile:

good luck and kind regards,

Thank you. No I know it can’t be anything with the software as it’s the same install just license updated … I was just highlighting the irony … but only thing that’s different is the new waves plugins and soundtoys.

Sorry…this was meant to be in response to your other thread!!