Can anybody help with this problem


Due to hard disc problems i had to re-install Cubase 6 but the problem is that HALion Sonic SE would not install, it just kind of stalled when it got to that part on the disc. Everything else seems to have installed ok. I was just wondering if its possible to download HALion Sonic SE from the Steinberg website instead of installing it from the CD (i’m just thinking maybe the disc is scratched and thats why it always stops before everything is installed) or if anyone can think of another way to install it?


Try copying the install disk to a folder on your hard drive and install from there.

Thanks Hippo

Yeah i started to try that but the disc seem to take an age to copy over…again i think there might be a problem with the disc…i can’t see any marks on the CD but it always seems to run very slow or stop half way through…grr.
Thats why i thought it might be quicker just to get hold of HALion Sonic SE as a download.
I don’t think it is possible just to copy over the HALion Sonic SE file from the CD to the hard disc is it?

Due to hard disc problems i had to re-install Cubase 6 but the problem

So why assume a problem with the CD?

Anyways, a quick careful wash with warm soapy water usually does the trick. The disk laddie!..I meant the disk. And a disk cleanup and defrag might work.

Pity hard drives have just double in price due to the Thai floods. HA! Couple of years ago and some time before that the prices went up because of “fires” in the (very distant from Europe and so uncheckable) factories.