Can anybody please help with audio output?

Hi I’ve just reinstalled Cubase elements 10. I had to reset my pc and now I have reinstalled it, it cannot connect to any audio outputs. I have pressed F4 and tried to set it up this way but it just says there is nothing connected. My speakers are working fine because there is sound coming out of them for any other app I use. Can somebody please help me out. This is taking up far too much time to figure out myself.

And do you think, you can give a minimum amount of useful information, and tell us, what your audio device to which your speakers are connected is…?
Select ther correct driver for your device, then connect the ports in F4

Ensure that your audio interface is selected in Cubase via the Studio Setup screen, as per point 1 on this help doc:-

In fact, follow all those steps.

This might also be of help if any of these steps could be the reason for your sound problem.