Can Anyone Advice on SPIDF In Latency ?

I have Kemper hooked up to my AXR on Mac.

I don’t have direct monitoring on in Cubase Pro, as advised by the manual, for recording the analog mic inputs.

But when I use the Kemper the only way I can hear it is by pressing the MONITOR button on the track, and then there’s a slight delay. The only way I get the Kemper with no delay is to turn on Direct Monitoring.

What am I doing wrong here? Kemper is coming in the ADAT inputs which are configured to SPDIF.


I always use direct monitoring. I’m on windows though so might be different. Even with direct monitoring I get all the AXR DSP in the monitor mix at zero latency.


It was me not understanding the AXR DSP FX mixer, I had to physically route it there, now no need for direct monitoring…got it thanks!

you shouldn’t have to physically route it. The whole point of using an AXR with cubase is everything you need is on your cubase audio channel on the AXR menu. It makes it very simple and streamlined.

Other DAW users have to use the DSP mixer, the same as they would with any 3rd party device mixer like total mix et etc. If you’re opening that you’ve not got it working properly. In fact if cubase is open the channels it controls should be greyed out on the FX mixer for this reason.