Can anyone advise if Stream Deck slideshow is working OK in CB 13

As the topic say’s can anyone shine some light on this and if things are working as expected?

Kind regards

my stream deck works fine with cubase 13

@Italyuser ,
thanks for that’s good to hear and that it’s not been broken.
Can I enquire further, are you using the Sideshowfx Cbase pack or have you created your own set of tools/icons etc.?


I am looking to update to CB13 but I see a lot of posts where folk are having problems/difficulties after upgrading. I understand some of the Keyswitches have been changed and am holding off until I the gremlins have been sorted out.

Anyway I hope you are having a good time with the update and cheers for responding.


Hi, I’m using the setup I created, and I’ve changed a lot of keyboard assignments in Cubase

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OK, that makes me feel a little more confident, thanks again for the feedback. :sunglasses:

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