Can anyone decipher these dmp files? *Poof* event when attempting to process with Spectralayers

Hi all,

I’ve finally upgraded to Cubase 12, and Spectralayers 10, plus a new computer. All seems to be going well, but every time I attempt to unmix stems (“song”), Spectralayers gets through about 10% of the process then abruptly crashes. This happens within Cubase or SL itself. I have some dmp files, if anyone wants to take a look and help me identify the culprit. The crash is
identical every time. If you need system specs, let me know!

Have you got your gpu selected in the hardware setup area of SL?

What happens if you change that to cpu?

Also what model is your gpu?

It seems to be set to CPU. GPU is listed as Intel UHD Graphics.

I’m outside at the moment so maybe someone else will answer first. But I’m not sure, if you can select gpu for processing with that gpu.

I’ll check back again as soon as possible.

I just looked at the Cubase crah dumps.
One happened in Auto-Tune.
Another in Cubase.exe and yet another in graphics2d.dll (which comes from Steinberg, too if I am not mistaken).
The last two (number 2 and 3 on the dropbox list) ought to be sent to Steinberg support along with a description of what you were doing at the time of the crash.

Thanks for the replies! What is the best channel to go through, to get Steinberg to take a proper and prompt look?

Either you can convince of the forums mods to put your cases forward or you open a support ticket in your MySteinberg account.
Please keep in mind that Cubase 13 will be released soon and anything regarding Cubase 12 might get a bit less attention. Of course, this is just my assumption and not a fact.

Ok, update. I uninstalled Spectra 10 and installed 9. The problem still occurs. I was able to get standalone SL10 to complete an unmix stems with the quality set to “fast”. But it crashed part way through the process when the quality was set to “best”. SL9 standalone completed the unmix stems, but only got about 20% of the way through when used as an extension in Cubase. It almost seems like when the processing load is high, it crashes.

I should say I’m using an Intel i9 13900K, so computer power is no issue.