Can anyone download LE 10 and use it?

I am a Mac user and made the huge mistake of doing a favor and trying to find a PC option to recommend to someone that wants to put a DAW together. I think I used Cubase way back in the old days and thought this would be a good suggestion for PC. Now its 4 hours of trying to download and make LE 10 work and don’t have a clue how to get an access code. Apparently if you never got an access code from some mystery place you can’t really download and use this convoluted nightmare of a product to see if someone likes it to move to a pro version. So after wasting have a day I thought hey lets waste more time since we are so invested and maybe there is a lot more hours to lose on trying to run LE. Thank god i abandoned Cubase a long time ago and moved to software that you can actually install and use without losing your mind. This is the worst method of trying to try out a software I have ever seen, and I have tons of software. Anyways, does anyone know if you can make LE work by downloading 10 direct from the steinberg site?

Just as with any other software that you don ´t have a download or access or serial code for.

No you can ´t. You could just have downloaded the trial of elements though. I just doubt you will get this to work either without losing your mind.