Can anyone explain this!? Need Help

Please see attached photo:

When I do internal bounces the starting point of the audio is often several samples behind where the actual notes begins! I could understand the audio bounce being a bit later due to latency, but before!? The weirder thing is it does not always happen - it happens about 50% of the time…current latency set to about 5ms.

Other than that my system is solid with an Antelope Orion 32+ Converter running Cubase 9.5 on an Intel Mac.

All suggestions welcome as this is seriously driving me crazy!!


This is caused because of the Buffer and the way how DAWs work. Lower Buffer Size decreases the shift.

Hi Martin - thanks for your reply - but what you write does not make sense to me. It does not explain why this happens about half of the time I do internal bounces. It also does not explain why this happens when I already have the buffer size about as low as it can go - 5ms is pretty low - I could set the buffer even lower but then I would probably get audio glitches. And what it also does not explain is why the bounce occurs sooner in time that the original audio…


It depends, in which phase the butter is at the moment you start the “bounce” (what do you mean exactly by this, please? Do you mean Render in Place?).

But still there.

It does. Please read, what does the Buffer do.

@Martin.Jirsak When you use render in place the Rendered Event is supposed to be perfectly aligned with the Original Event, the Buffer plays no role in that, and if ever it was, why would the Rendered Event be placed earlier in time ? If ever the Buffer were doing something it would then place it later and not earlier…

My guess here is that this is a bug with the Snap Point where the rendered event have some sort of offset in it, and it results in shifting the Event to the left. This have already been discussed in the past on another topic :

On this topic it talks about recording, but that also occurs when rendering. Also the topic is from Cubase 10.5 and when I tested it I was Cubase 12. So far this is highly unreliable to reproduce, but it’s there.

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What happens if you disable (not bypass) all the plugins on the channel and do the same?

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The thing is, unless one is recording and monitoring direct, I know almost no one who would use a 5ms Buffer size as it’s too cpu intensive - so when you suggest an even lower setting for bouncing that seems an illogical solution to me. Hope I do not come off as unfriendly! I appreciate your help.

Will try that out! Thanks!

I have also experienced this! Thanks for posting the thread! Interesting stuff! Will have to test this!

@Philipp123 Ok check this one, it was really far down my bookmarks, hopefully I’ve found it.

Note that Render in Place is the same thing as exporting the locators range with Audio Mixdown, just that it imports the file back automatically, so the issue can occur with both.