Can anyone explain why these whole notes suddenly look like this?

I didn’t deliberately change them; this isn’t a musicXML import; I’ve tried deleting bars and then re-copying them; I’ve tried selecting them, right-clicking and choosing “normal notehead”, etc., all to no avail. Thanks for any help! (curious also if this is some sort of bug).

  • D.D.

[UPDATE]: I realize on further inspection that it’s simply indicating perhaps a “double whole note”, etc., since I must have accidentally deleted (or hidden?) a barline. So I guess my “follow-up” question is: how might I restore that deleted (or hidden) barline?

Much thanks -

assuming it’s too late for ctrl-z…
goto the beginning of the circled measure and insert a 4/4 timesig. that should put the bar back in.
then remove that timesig.

Excellent fix - much thanks!

  • D.D.