Can anyone help me recreate an effect from 'Tonic'

Hello all,

Firstly I am a drummer who is currently dabbling in guitar and using cubase to put down some general song writing ideas. Nothing too flash, but I’m still very much learning.

I have recently overhauled my PC and my old hard drive is no more. As part of that I bought Cubase Elements 8, Komplete 10 and recently ‘The Mouth’.

On my old machine I had dabbled with putting the ‘Tonic’ plug in on some guitar. This started out as an experiment/accident but I liked the results. I had a guitar recorded hard panned left with the top pick up and Tonic set to pad destructor 1 and then a guitar hard panned left from the bottom pick up and Tonic set to pad destructor 2.

Unfortunately now I no longer have ‘Tonic’, but I do have a number of other toys at my disposal within cubase, Komplete etc. My problem is, I don’t know what I’m looking for.

Can anyone who still has tonic installed open it quickly and tell me what those pad destructor settings are actually doing and what sort of plug ins I should be looking for to recreate the effect?

I have a couple of old ideas which I would like to jump back into and some of the guitar parts don’t make sense without tonic as an effect on them. Luckily I had all the stems from stuff I was working on backed up to dropbox, so when my last machine died I didn’t lose too much.