can anyone help out a newbie?

Hi all…

I am fairly new to cubase, well at least i am to the modern side of it as my last experience with cubase was back in the day of the original program which was running on an atari st1200! so about as old skool as they come haha!

I am a little confused as to how to keep my products up to date and where to find the latest updates etc.

i have browsed the steinberg download assistant and i see many different upgrades, but i am unaware of which of these are free updates to products i already own and which are new upgrades to software that needs to be bought and paid for.

can anyone tell me if there is a way to distinguish between the new products and the free updates to products already owned?
I have downloaded a few files from the download centre and found that i cannot install them due to not having activation codes, which i am assuming is because they are new products that need to be purchased?

I find it very confusing to work out which files i can download to update my existing products and i dont want to keep wasting time and effort downloading things i cant actually use!

Can anyone help me out with this?

I own cubase 10.5 pro and had previous versions like cubase 3, cubase 9 etc. i just feel a bit lost with all the downloads in the assistant as it seems that everything is listed for products i dont seem to own.
Is there a way to just show updates for my owned products or is it a case of just pot luck if i download the right things?

like for example, groove agent. im not sure which version i got when i bought the cubase 10.5 pro, but there is a groove agent 5 listed in the download centre?
There are no downloads for groove agent SE and as far as im aware, that was the version i got with the cubase program… so is groove agent 5 an update that is free to download or is it a new addition that needs to be purchased? and why is there no download for groove agent SE shown in the download centre if 5 isnt a free upgrade?

i am having issues with crashes on my groove agent and need to download the latest version of that, but seems there is no download there to reinstall it or bring it up to date on the latest version…

i am very confused…

any help will be much appreciated by this old doddering fool :laughing:

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Groove Agent SE is in the Cubase installer . You don’t own Groove agent 5 unless you actually purchase it and have a code. Then you would need to add that license to your dongle before installing it.

ALL of Cubase VST Sounds are in the Installer App, if you run the installer and choose CUSTOM you will see them there.

Don’t worry about all the other crap in the download assistant, just download and install what you have purchased.

If you need older downloads of things then checkhelp here

IF you cannot find the download for an older product you own you will need a direct download link which support or a moderator here could help with.

**On that note for my StudioOnePro app ALL of my products and downloads are in my account there, so simple, go figure. Steinberg could learn something here

Hi Shanabit,
Thanks for your reply… I thought it would be the case that it was a purchase option!

It is a very confusing system that cubase have here, well at least for beginners anyway i feel.
There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to find the updates for products already purchased. After reading your message, i have checked through my library for any products without activation’s and found several that i have somehow downloaded believing they were updates for the products i had but have turned out to be purchase options! so they have now been removed from the library.

Its a shame they haven’t been able to do as you say, just display the items you have bought in the download center and any updates for those, instead of displaying absolutely everything available. Maybe they could do something simple like add a padlock to products that require purchase to help you differentiate between owned and non owned upgrades.

if i’m honest a lot of features in the cubase program do seem to overwhelm me as i’m not familiar with most of the features or what they can do, it is of course an excellent program but its so difficult to get to grips with, particularly if you’re a novice like myself…

i am managing to create some decent stuff with it but itll be a long time before i can feel confident using it and ill probably never realize its full potential simply because it is very complicated to use.

that may also be down to my own ability to learn it though.

anyway, thanks for your help in explaining.

I appreciate it.

Here is the issue to me. Say I download and install 10.5.12 and want to go back to 10.5. Sorry Charlie, cant do it unless you contact support or PM a moderator. If it is not in the Download Assistant or the version you need is not in the downloads section on the support area on , you are screwed and have to contact support. REALLY REALLY STUPID.

ADVICE Save all your download installs somewhere so you have them if you need to get back to it. Otherwise its a major PITA.

Download Assistant is stupid as it does not connect up with your MySteinberg account which has all your registered products. Nor does it connect to the e licenser app that holds all your product licenses to see what you actually have bought, so convoluted. I LOVE how Presonus does StudioOne. Log into my account and select StudioOnePro, then which version I want , then the point version 4.6, 4.6.1, 4.6.2 etc, SO simple which is why I use it more now

Dont worry about Cubase complexity, just learn that ONE THING you need to learn to do what you need done.
NO ONE uses every function in this beast.

PM me anytime with any questions you have on Cubase, glad to help ya