Can anyone help solve a problem with Groove Agent 64 bit, Solved

If I run Cubase 9.5 and then open Groove Agent VSTi (See Image -Open App)

and then select a Beat Agent and click “All Instrument Sets” I get (See Image - Groove Agent 64)

As you can see all the Groove Agent kits such as Percussion, Rock, Vintage, Studio etc are missing and the same applies if I open Groove Agent 64 in stand alone mode.

However, if I open the 32 bit Groove Agent in stand alone mode and do the same I get ( See Image - Groove Agent 32)

Which gives me all the kits exactly as it should and proves that all the kit files are on my computer somewhere but not accessed by Groove Agent 64.

I have put in a ticket but fed up of waiting and wondering if anyone can help or at least shed some light on the problem. I have downloaded Groove Agent 4 for Windows from My Steinberg and reinstalled it along with the Additional Content, which has made no difference.

Maybe I’m missing something but I haven’t noticed until now cause I make electronic music and usually populate Groove Agent with my own samples. But on this occasion I wanted to play with the Percussion kit.

I would be eternally grateful if anyone can help.


It usually helps to uninstall the Groove Agent 4 content and then reinstalling it. Also, make sure that GA4 is updated.

There’s something about some Windows installs that’s causing some of the stock libraries and expansions to not be detected on the first try by GA4. Groove Agent 5 is probably going to have an enhanced library system similar to Halion Sonic 3 and Halion 6, which hopefully will make these issues go away forever.

Thanks for the reply. If I’m reading you correctly it’s best to totally uninstall Groove Agent and then install it rather than select reinstall from the list, which I’ve done twice now. Ok I’ll try that next. I’m finding it odd though that the 32 bit standalone works perfectly with all kits available. But yeah, if Groove Agent 5 is to have a superior library system and hopefully solve the problem that would be cool. Is it on the horizon do you know?

No that hasn’t worked. I uninstalled Groove Agent 64 bit, reinstalled it and then applied the update again but the kits are still missing, yet the 32 bit standalone still works fine, the logic of which suggests that the required files exist on my computer. Assuming they are shared of course. This is so frustrating!!

But thanks for the suggestion

Hah, Steinberg hides their content so hard and deep that even their own products can not find them!

Yep, and funnier still that the 32 bit standalone version works perfectly. Great, but what use is that?

Hi there

Had exactly the same problem, solved it by chasing up on where groove agent wanted to put the vst content when installing, I did that by uninstalling and reinstalling. I also found that there were two lots of some of the files (searched for them with normal windows file explorer), so I deleted those from the second location (the one where GA did NOT put the files on installation) and then finally the other Agents appeared again in GA. It’s fine now but as you suggest,a right royal PITA

Best Regards


It really is and I’ve heard nothing from Steinberg regarding my ticket for well over a week. I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled Groove Agent but I can do it again though I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “where groove agent wanted to put the vst content” or how to go about searching files with Windows Explorer. What did you search for exactly? But I’m all but at the end of my tether and up to try anything. At the moment Groove Agent SE would be good enough and feel like asking for my money back. To my knowledge I’ve done nothing wrong.

I have no idea where the installer is supposed to put the content, or which files and from where, to delete.

Doin my head in!

OK, the re-installation made no difference, not that I expected it to. The content installer did not display where the files were being put on my computer so that was no help.

But, using the Windows search, I did a search for Groove Agent vstsound which lead to: C:\Users\myname\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\Groove Agent\VST Sound

Now if anyone can tell me what to do with that information that would be great. Or, if someone with a working Groove Agent could do a Windows search for “Groove Agent vstsound” and see if it goes to a different place


Hi Headshaker

What I did was move all the vstsound files from the groove agent folder and put them with all the other vstsound files (which I think might be in the Steinberg/Content folder, ie 1 level up) then when I restarted Cubase, it wanted to know where those files were, so I pointed it to them, then it seemed to work ok. Might be worth a try

Best Regards


FWIW the only place I can find the GA content is in the folders the OP listed but it may be worth trying Dave’s suggestion to copy them to the VST Sound folder that sits alongside the Groove Agent Folder. Sounds like it’s not scanning the GA folder for whatever reason.

Thanks, I’ll have a look into that now, like you say, worth a try. I’ve had to take a break from it cause I was starting to dream about it… or more of a nightmare truth be known. In my case all the vstsound files are deep in the system, beyond the roaming folder, and are already all together with HALion and Padshop etc. I’m just a little concerned about making things worse. I’ll be sure to report back if progress is made though. Failing that I’ll just have to wait until Steinberg get around to addressing my ticket, which has been over two weeks now so I’m not holding my breath.

A big thanks to everyone who’s contributed to the thread :thumbsup:

Yes, that’s what’s so damn odd about it. All the vstsound files on my system are in the following folder:


And that goes for HALion, Padshop and VST Sound all inside that Content folder See here:

Now it seems really strange to move just the Groove Agent folder from the rest and put is somewhere else

Not completely without sense though since we know these other folders are being used on your system. You’re not going to copy the folder (if I understand Dave’s suggestion) but just the content of the folder.

Trouble is, it’s a bit hit and miss. I know what files to move, but the worry is, where to put them without making the situation worse. In my limited experience the GA vstsound files appear to be in the correct location ie with other vstsound files in the Steinberg/content folder. If I move them to a location based on a semi-educated guess I get an error pop up when opening GA saying that files are missing and do I wish to search for them (?) Which, of course, means I could be pointing GA to an incorrect location which I’m unsure about.

But don’t get me wrong, I honestly appreciate the suggestions received in this thread, and when a solution is found I’ll be sure to post it here. It’s really cool that members go out of their way to help others. What would be truly awesome right now is a word from Steinberg regarding my ticket. I can still work with my own samples, this whole thing came up cause I fancied having a mess with Percussion Agent. Not to mention paying hard earned $$ for software that doesn’t do what is says on the tin

Once again a big thank you and nice to meet some of you guys, appreciated :thumbsup:

I understand the trepidation. Maybe try moving just one (or a few even) files. Or even copying them so they remain in the original location too? Note which ones you’ve moved then if you get an error message you can either point at the new location or move the file(s) back? Alternatively you might find having moved one you find the related sounds?

You could also try renaming the GA folder to see if that generates an error…

These are things I’d try, obviously if you’re not at all confident in what might happen then, don’t!

Good luck!

Thanks. I’m a bit peeved at Steinberg taking so long with some help. They could arrange to do that remote thingy or something.

A couple of things I’m finding odd though the more I think about it:

  1. If I move the GA vstsound files and then open GA 64 bit standalone I get a missing files message, which suggests the files were in the correct place to begin with.

  2. If I boot up GA 32 bit standalone all the Agents are present and correct.

Makes no sense!

The files ARE almost certainly in the correct place as they’re where mine are. The issue with your 64 bit version appears to be that for some reason it isn’t seeing them. That’s why I’d try something like renaming the folder temporarily and pointing it to the new version.

That’s crazy. I’ve over-installed it twice and I’ve uninstalled and then reinstalled it, twice. And another thing, if it’s not seeing the the files, how come it spits out an error message if I remove the files folder. Does it somehow see the folder when it’s there but not the files inside. Surly not. The more I get into this the more curious about it I get.

Someone suggest there might be GA 5 on the horizon with a superior library system…

Going back to your first post, why (not that you shouldn’t be able to) do you open a standalone version of Groove Agent whilst running Cubase?
Do you have the same problem if you open Groove Agent within Cubase?

FWIW, on the previous subject of where the settings files are located I’ve just seen that on my system there are folders both for Groove Agent_64 and also Groove Agent Standalone_64. These include xml files which point to the correct location of the vstsounds. If these are somehow incorrect, uninstalling and re-installing may not affect these files.