Can anyone (perhaps Arne?) explain why I'm getting this instead of my NotePerformer mixer every time?

I have NotePerformer set up as my default playback engine, but every time I start a new Dorico Project from scratch and insert new instruments, I get this screen in lieu of the actual mixer and have no idea how to get to the mixer instead:

Does anyone else have this problem and a solution? I can understand getting this info the very first time I ever launch NotePerformer, but it’s been long set up in Dorico now for me so I have no idea why it keeps returning?

Thanks for any help -

  • D.D.

I had this same issue when I upgraded to NP 3.2. I deleted and reinstalled and it fixed it.

My experience is if you give about 1 minute, maybe 2, eventually that goes away, and you will see the mixer.


I did find that by re-opening it eventually restored itself. But this is a pretty withstanding bug that I hope will be corrected as it’s definitely annoying :slight_smile:

  • D.D.

Sounds quite normal to me. The playback system is being configured in the background each time a file is opened. The reason it make take awhile for the mixer to populate with NP 3.2, is that it comes with a vastly expanded Expression Map, which increases loading time. This is to compensate for the fact that Dorico’s playback system isn’t fully developed yet, and will e,g. allow for multiple simultaneous techniques …

But I’m talking about a session that had 4-5 instruments and for which the sound didn’t return for 10+ minutes, and then only after I closed and reopened the program and otherwise fiddled. Still feels very much like a bug IMHO.
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Is this a variation of the problem where Dorico takes a very long time to initialize playback with an incorrect repeat structure?

Try switching off “play repeats” in Play / Playback options.

Not for me; I rarely use repeat structures, if ever, and this has cropped up for me before.

And I agree with D.D. that this isn’t normal. I’m racking my brain trying to remember what the solution was, and I can’t find the thread (either here or on FB).

If anyone ever finds a way to navigate back to an old thread in FB, I’d love to know. I can’t count the number of times I’ve added a comment and then wanted to expand it only to find the thread had 1001 comments or disappeared into the void altogether.

Derrek, you can always navigate to the Dorico Facebook group and then use the search box. Apparently the search box doesn’t exist on the Android app, but it seems to work fine on desktop/laptop web browsers and both the iPhone and iPad apps.

Thank you, but I wasn’t actually thinking of Dorico posts so much as those related to family.
Thanks anyway.