Can anyone recommend a good powered USB hub....

… to run on my macbook pro. One USB port is obviously taken by the Cubase dongle, which I’ve just learnt cannot be dispensed with :frowning: and I also understand should not be run off a hub, so I need something that can handle my RME UFX or Babyface, Novation Launchpad and SL25 Mk2 midi keyboard.

Any recommendations??



tried different powered ones, no single one of which provided enough power to all ports, resulting in weird disconnecting behaviour of my devices…

until I bought a ExSys EX-1177 a year ago, now everything works, and a EX-1188HMS (USB3) is on the way :wink:

Hey, thanks for the speedy reply…will definitely check those out! Though if anyone else has got any (cheaper?!) suggestions, that’d be good…

I learned it the hard way: buy cheap, buy twice :wink:

Fair comment! The USB3 version is def a lot more than I was hoping to spend, but I can probably pick up the USB2 version for about £35, which is fine and should suit my needs as it’s all USB2 kit (assuming none of it benefits from USB3… I’m not technical enough to understand these things!!).



I’ve been running the dongle on an unpowered hub without any problems whatsoever ever since the current USB device replaced the parallel port key - however many years that is.

Don’t get the usb3 one unless you really have usb3 devices. usb2 in usb3 doesn’t always work very well. I use the dongle in a hub btw, works fine.

The EX-1188HMS is available at Amazon Germany (15.02.2013)