Can anyone recommend a MIDI Mockup course

Hi Everyone

I am a professional orchestrator and composer and I already have good knowledge on cubase and sibelius but I now need to produce my Mockups to a commercial standard for film and TV.
I Was wondering if anybody knows of a good online course for mixing, mastering and knowing how to make your virtual instrument library sounding more professional.
My library is Eastwest Platinum.

Thank you kindly for your input and help it is much appreciated

Have a look at Groove 3 site. I know they have a course on midi orchestration and from what bits I’ve seen, it looks quite good, although it’s for FL Studio.

Might be worth a few $ for the tips & tricks.

When using VSL:

is very good, but costs


For a good Mixing/mastering course that is aimed at the studio, but not at orchestration
Google Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio
This is a book but there are links to download a phenomenal amount of additional material for free. If I remember rightly there is about 20Gb of wave files, demo mixes & so on, all with explanations.
Best £25 you can spend.
Here’s a link to a review:

I think that the best thing to do is find some mock-ups you like that use the library you want to use and look at the MIDI file. In the end as an orchestrator you should already have the aural skills to know when things sound right, but you just need a few tips in how to make your library sound like that.

Having said that, the EW library is rather long in the tooth and there are lots of things it really can’t do, so you will have to skirt around those and be quite creative, I think.

I’d like to be able to help you in more detail, but I don’t use EW products.


Groove 3 looks very professional got the link through a tech at an apple dealer. Very reasonable pricing.