Can anyone recommend a remote app for C7?

I am looking for a remote app for C7. Something that can cotrol the mixer, transport buttons, maytbe the project window, and any VSTs.
Does such a thing exist?

I was also wondering I could use Win 7’s remote access feature?

Would use a tablet of somec kind possibly a ipad or mini?

Dont want to set up control of over a hundred vsts



LEMUR you Can build your Own controller (mackie,generic remote,etc…)

I’ve been playing around with TouchDAW the last few days on my Android phone. (I don’t own a tablet yet) I’m hugely impressed at how well this works using the Mackie Control preset in Cubase. Absolute bargain for £3.80 I thought. :slight_smile:

If you got an iOS device Steinbergs “Cubase iC” is the best one for remote controlling the transport controls IMHO. Easy to setup and works really well. (Great for recording when being away from the computer.)

I’be got a remote desktop client on my iPad and although it looks kind of cool to have Cuabse “on the ipad” I find it ridiculously hard to do simple tasks like changing the mixer fader values or tweaking a VST.


thanks all for the input. I am wondering which of these also controls the VSTs without set up. As my vst number well over a hundred and many are heavyweight e.g. omnisphere, east west play orchestra and many more, it would be very tedious to set up eacxh one seperately… you know the feeling, I wantto carve outtime for 4 actually making the stuff we call music :wink:

Yep got that one too running on my Android tablet, it’s amazing value!

V-Control Pro requires no VST setup. It simply gives you touch control of any open window on your computer.
You set it up once, and you are good to go.
I think Omnisphere has its own iPad app.

+1 for TouchDAW, if you have an Android phone or tablet. I purchased it for a Nexus 7 tablet just out of curiosity and it basically has all the controls of a Mackie control - and apart from a DAW controller it has a parallel ability to tweak vsts. It also has a rather cool keyboard that allows tyou to play keyboards or trigger stuff.


Been using v-control-pro for a long time and love it! Love the remote desktop application included in it works perfect on both my mac and PC.
Yes Omnisphere has iPad app that is free and great

Using Touchdaw here too and it works great. All I need it for is basic transport control so I don’t need to get fancy with it

Steinberg seem to have listened :smiley:

Something new coming out?

edit - - -

As far as I can see this is limited to editing. Can’t control VSTs? I suspect there is a lot more it cant do stuff like automation lanes. Its good if you just want to set up tracks to record etc, but why not have ALL of Cubase contrlable from a tablet - yet running on a powerful desktop?

Here is my feature request

well if you want control 'everything" without doing anything programation) go fot V-Control Pro ! & omnisphere & alchemy have there own controller !

Yes this seems to be the ‘best’ I might go this way, or perhaps wait for further steinberg innovation - maybe C8?

Unfortunately I was right after all. My link below is from the hardware section. Apps are great in terms of cost effectiveness, but tacitly & immediacy, it remains to be seen. …

I guess this was released today?

It is a nice improvement over the old version, the custom keyboard commands makes it worth the price.