Can anyone recommend some Cubase song templates?

I need to make some songs pretty fast for an exam, but I just dont know enough about Cubase yet.
A teacher just told me the easiest way to get down to business fast would be to find song templetes on the internet.
I had a look and came across some for Cubase 5/compatible with 6. Can anyone recommend any up to date resources? I’ve got to create 3 songs, of different styles.


Yeah that would be considered cheating if this is for school…

Thanks for your help, My Sound Engineering tutor doesn’t care how they are made once they are put together properly.

Very interesting place

If you used Cubase for more than 10 minutes you’d see it comes with templates.

OK I’m going to take a look and see how helpful those templates can be…

  • Dying to know where this school is *

I have set them up before, but they are pretty basic and of course I could do that in a few minutes myself. What I was hoping to find was sort of demo songs. Propellerheads Reason have lots of them (mostly non-editable ones) and it was very handy for me to see how lots of different features of the program worked together. I know the best way to get to know the program is to get in and start using it myself from the ground up. I just don’t think I have much time to be going through every insert and effects unit in Cubase, as I need to have the songs done in the space of a week.

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for earlier, and now I think Construction Kits would have been a better name than song templates. I’m not looking to steal idea’s. Just trying to see the best parts in action.


My favorite templates are the ones I made.

The templates that come with Cubase are fine, except that they use only Cubase-included plug-ins and are made to suit the taste of whoever created them.

I didn’t ask what your favourite templates were, I asked for recommendations of templates.

Read man…

OK sorry I thought this was another insult

What about the demo songs on the install disc or simply import any General midi file, there are loads of them available on the net, either will give some insight.


Thanks, I’ll have a look at the install disk there now, what about a site called DanceMidiSamples? Is that any good, it has a good few Midi Track kit packages. And there’s a whole section on Cubase projects too.