Can anyone recommend

May be needing a new computer soon

Going to go for a built PC from a provider.

Noticing that the ones available on standard routes eg Dell, Pcworld, dont seem to come with firewire now? obviously main stream users on pc dont have call for it, but my soundcard is Firewire

I’m UK, and in the north of England, was looking at SCAN, has anyone used them? Could anyone recommend a supplier?

If you look at my profile you’ll see what I have already. But rather than get a new MOBO, new processor and build one I would rather buy a PC that’s been tested to work in harmony and I can just Ebay the bits I no longer need from my old pc or sell it as is.

Want at least i5 - i7 6 cores, 8 gig ram or more

Big push for Scan yes!

Hey JCschild

Your profile links to a similar supplier in US, looks like you know this subject very well! would you say they’re good?

prices are a lot more than I’m used to paying to be honest, as I usually opt for a high end PCWorld job, and add bits to it. The computer isn’t designed for DAW out of the box but you add bits, and it serves well.

I see you are US,

Anyone in UK used Scan, or can recommend for uk (I want to be able to go buy, rather than order and have it shipped)

Hi Betamac

I used scan earlier this year they were excellent to deal with and more than knew their stuff,i got an overclocked i7 2600k on an asus board with 16 gig of ram. i only had the board built up and clocked by scan I built up the rest of the pc and set it up myself.

It has been great so far no problems what so ever…it will probably cost a bit more than pc world but your going to get what you pay for…a DAW

Give them a call they are very helpfull.