Can anyone remember which thread Carillon answered a "?" in?

Hi - I wanted to PM the Carillon computer guy who chimed in a little while back on a thread, did a search, couldn’t find the thread. Does anyone remember which post it was?

Thanks -

I am reminded only of the National Carillon of Australia, in Canberra, ACT:

It is on the periphery of Lake Burley Griffin, part of the design for a modern city by the late architect, Walter Burley Griffin, of the USA.


Apologies if I am hijacking your thread, but a computer is simply a collection of parts. Australia is the land down under.

There is no user called Carillon :confused:

^^^^^ 2 posts up
Is that a hijack?
How does the poster’s reasoning support his off-topicness?
How does “Apologies if” in this case, count as expression of regret?
If anyone feels the need to explore these questions:

Hi Alexis, I did a bit of searching last night, and will do some more today. I DO remember that guy.
All the best

Ah, thank you Glyn! But please don’t spend too much/any more of your time on it, I’ve looked pretty hard, and also I decided to contact Carillon through their website. Thank you!

Strophoid - he posted under his own posting name, but he was a rep from Carillon computers. Someone was noting a problem they had loading something up, and he popped up out of the blue and offered to help them since they had just bought one. I’m not all that helpful since I bought mine a few years ago, and the company has gone bankrupt and reformed since then.

Lord Snarebottoms - beautiful pic, would you have/can you share the IR of that massive bell chamber? :wink: