Can anyone replicate this Melodyne issue?

Cubase 12.0.4. Melodyne Studio 5 latest update (that’s the multi-track version)

Record a bunch of vocals onto one track. Then ‘create tracks from lanes’ command. New tracks created. Select new tracks (in my case 4). Create Melodyne extension. Only the first track is shown.

If Melodyne is inserted as a plugin effect on the same tracks, all tracks show in Melodyne.

Work-around to maintain ARA thingy: Add new audio tracks. Move the vocal clips to those audio tracks. Select Melodyne extension and all tracks are visible.

There seems to be something going on with tracks created from lanes which Melodyne does not like. I would not like to suggest where the issue lies :grinning:


I thought I’d check your issue out but I can’t find this command. Can you give us some more detail on the exact steps to reproduce the problem please.


Ha! There isn’t one. My mistake. I’ve edited the post to read ‘create tracks from lanes’ command. :upside_down_face:


I had a very quick look just now, but I’m off away for a couple of days. There’s definitely something odd happening and I’ll get back to it at the weekend…

Meantime, I see the ‘create tracks from lanes’ command in the key commands window but where is it in the menu hierarchy? I’ve never used it before.


Right click on a lane and the menu containing the command comes up.


Yes, I confirm this issue. It seems that any time you copy an event from a lane (as opposed to coping from the main track header) then the new event will not play it’s audio. This is not specific to Melodyne, it happens with SpectralLayers as well, so it’s the ARA implementation in Cubase which is not working correctly.

  1. New empty project, drop Atmo01_AM to create audio track
  2. Add Spectral Layers extension to event
  3. Open lanes on the track
  4. Ctrl-Alt-Drag the event above the lanes, i.e. on the main audio track itself
  5. Play audio - both tracks play as expected
  6. Ctrl-Alt-Drag event from Lane1 to create another new audio track below
  7. Play audio - the 3rd audio track does not play anything - this is a bug
  8. Now Mute the event on the 3rd audio track - the first track stops playing audio - this is a 2nd bug

Thanks for telling me where the command is as well :smiley:


Sorry for the delay replying, been away. Thanks for trying that out and confirming. I’ll report it as an issue.