Can anyone send me the C7 trial via Dropbox?

I have tried to download this numerous times, but it always fails at some point, even when using a download manager. So i was wondering if it’d be possible to get it the zip file from somebody via Dropbox et al

free download manager is the app to use.

I’ll take care of this for you. Give me some time to DL the trial and I’ll put it up on one of my websites for you.

I’ll send you a PM with the details once it’s ready.

Aloha t,

What is Dropbox?

TIA (thanks in advance)

Thank you, Immortal – using that DL manager, I was finally able to get all of it :sunglasses:

Decronis – hope you see this – thank you for offering to help :sunglasses:

Offering? I downloaded a 5.6 GB file for you. I made space on my server for it, and I uploaded 1 + GB before you decided that you no longer needed it.

I think I did a bit more than offer help.

No good deed goes unpunished. Same old story. Is it my breath that gives me away? :unamused:

Easy now, Doug is one the good guys here :slight_smile: !


Mr. Draconis, again, I apologize. As I explained to you last night via PM, at the time that I followed Immortal’s advice to use Free DL Manager, you had not posted anything here yet… it was only after I had successfully used that app, and had returned here to thank him, that I saw your post. I understand your annoyance – I should have posted something along the lines of “Thanks, Immortal, I’ll try that” so you or anybody else would know not to send the file via DropBox et al. MY BAD! :blush:

Dropbox is a cloud service that offers online data storage and sharing. I use it a lot for university work because you can share folders with other people. You can install the application on your PC/mac and whenever you change a file in your dropbox folder locally, the change will be uploaded and reflected on all PC’s that have access to that dropbox folder. Very useful to automatically synchronise files across multiple computers, or even my phone! You can also share files in your dropbox to other people that don’t have dropbox by sending them a direct link to the file.
The free version offers 2GB storage if I’m not mistaken, you can expand this up to 16GB with referrals. Paid versions are from 100GB+, the pricing is fair imo.

If you want to sign up, use this link:
That gets me an additional 500MB :wink:

Aloha S,
And thanks soooo much for the info.
Doesn’t sound like something I’d ever use but if will get you
more space by me just signing up,
I’ll definitely look into it.

Sending much Aloha and Mahalo

Don’t bother if you’re not going to use it anyway, I think they need you to install the application before it counts as a referral :wink:

Got it.
Tanx for the info


Hi Strophoid - Sounds very interesting ! Does it have decent security?


I didn’t look really deep into security, but by default, your files are only accessible by the one holding the password for that account. If you decide to make a file publicly available, then it will generate a link to that specific file only, which you can send to whoever you want to have access to that file. This is just for downloading the file, they cannot change the file on your account.
When you share an entire folder, then that folder will only be accessible by those dropbox accounts that you invited to join that folder.

Cool, thanks Strophoid. I will look into whether password-protected access can be set to “view only”, excluding change options for the viewers.