Can anyone use the .pdf edit tools (like highlight) in docs?

I like to edit the heck out of my Cubase Operations Manual - meaning, I like to highlight, underline, use the .pdf pencil tool to scribble notes in the margin, etc. My SX3 operations manual is more highlighted than not!

But when I try to do this in Cubase 6 documents, all the options are greyed out. I researched it a bit, and I see that the documents are “locked” and you need a password to unlock them before you can edit them. Of course, I have no idea what the password is …

Does that mean there’s no way to highlight, underline, when opening up the .pdf docs from the “Help” menu? (Except print to paper :smiling_imp: )?

I have Acrobat Pro and all of the highlighting tools are grayed out.

The PDF title bar reads: “Operation_Manual.pdf (SECURED)” which means we can’t modify it because it’s password secured. See the attachment.

Too bad!. Highlighting is incredibly useful for a quick mental refresh.

Thanks for the confirmation, Dr. V.

I agree 100% - highlighting is incredibly useful … as a matter of fact I have a hard time learning/functioning without it.

Steinberg - is this something you can help us revert to previous behavior, like SX3, to allow for digital highlighting/markup?