Can anyone walk me through the process of getting Dorico to work with this VST?

I just bought ComposerCloud X which contains a ton of the EastWest Play libraries, but I’m having a hell of a time getting Dorico 3.5 to recognize it as a valid VST plugin. Has anyone else done this who knows the exact process of getting it to work? I tried a walkthrough but it either had outdated info or incorrect steps. Much appreciated!

Edit: The particular VST Plugin in question is PlayAudioUnit v. 6.1.8

macOS Catalina 10.15.5

Go to the Dorico Preferences dialog and choose the VST Plug-ins tab. There you can specify the path to the ComposerCloud plug and if that is right (and after a restart of Dorico) a little below they shall first turn up in the list of blocked plug-ins. But you can move them over to the allowed list and after another restart of Dorico you can use them.

I did this, it says it has the VSTs approved but I don’t see any option to connect the plugin to an instrument for playback.

I actually think I got it working, I missed an obvious step, but thank you for responding.