Can anything be done about the buttons?

A nice looking, easy to acertain what’s what GUI:

Harder to to acertain what’s what, not so nice looking:

I dont see this as an option in the prefs.

SB: if there is no way to customize this, please consider making this customizable.

Under the edit menu is preferences. One of the options has to do with the interface … there you can adjust color schemes and contrast/ brightness.

You could probably make an adjustment to your liking there.


It doesn’t change the buttons.

Thats right - it does not change those buttons - only on the mixer.

Here is another thread about this same topic.
Seems there is no way to change the current state.

Don’t forget what New_Features say: “Color and contrast optimization minimize eye strain and viewing fatigue during extended viewing sessions…”
Steinberg always cares about ergonomics.
Thanks 2 topic starter for the illustrated question, so I can compare the two lanes. I’m tired for the moment, I was working hard the last night. And I can say: when I look onto white-blue toolbar, my eyes feel discomfort; but when I look onto light/dark grey one, they feel quite OK. Also, I think grey lane doesn’t diverts a look from event display.

Maybe ur right)) More customizability! yes?.. :wink:

Change the buttons? … I thought the OP just wanted a “Whiter shade of pale!”


Why do they always f*ck with things that are working fine. If it’s not broke . . . please don’t try and fix it.

This new “look” sucks.

bump :slight_smile:

New for the sake of new is not new … it’s old and tired.

New should improve upon or innovate … not needlessly trash what works.

Like the user interface in Win 7 that had one good idea … the browse panel … but otherwise changed colors and ‘recreated’ things that were really no different. It just made you search to learn how to do what you already knew how to do.


Not exactly the way I would have phrased it, but I totally agree, the new look is not intuitive and more difficult to use. A white button is not indicitve of something being ON. Grey generally suggests inactive (not available) rather than something which is OFF.

So please Steinberg, go back to how it was, it was far better.


To begin I think the “Media & Mixer Windows” button should be enabled by default.

Such a convenient method, why search menus?

As for Constrain Delay I’d put that at the end of the line, or better still allow users to drag n drop buttons where they please.



I have criticised Apple Logic in the past for the overall greyness of the interface. Subtle use of colour can be very helpful.
I would certainly welcome an option for colour shading of enabled buttons.

I just HATE the selected part being BLACK - it just hits you in the face every time and really doesn’t help show anything. Seems like the new design is all about subtlety, but…

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I’m slowly getting used to the buttons although I still reckon I prefer the blue to the white and grey. Choices please!

As for the selected part being BLACK it completely does my head in. It makes me want to destroy furniture and shout at the dog.

No big deal here. I can see everything. Got used to it very quickly. Mr Hyatt I believe that’s the trial version you have. I think you’d get used to it pretty quickly.
Got used to black selection pretty quick too.
I suppose it could get annoying if you stare at it for a long time but I would only do that if I had nothing to do.

hopefully you have no further problems?
I prefer the new look of the tool buttons, clearer for the eyes, good and professional looking, I hate the blue/white ones.
Now selected tools highlighted. Perfekt.
it is incredible: instead of making music the users prefer to moan when new graphical optimizations were introduced.

+1 I like the new look. Easier on the eyes and longer sessions :smiley: