Can Audio Export Combine to separated Cycle Markers into one file?

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Couldn’t quite find in the manual, sorry -

I’ve got audio in two cycle markers separated by some bars in a project.

Is there a way to Export Audio so that one file is generated that consists of the audio in both cycle markers?


I haven’t tried this, so buyer beware…

But try setting the Locators backwards (so the Right Locator is to the left of the Left Locator) which will cause playback to skip that section. It works during Playback and I’d assume also on Export.

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Thanks, @raino !

Will be DAW less for a little while, will try when i’m back. Sounds very cool! No way to extend that to more than two segments, I’m guessing?

The way I found for this is to use the Arranger track, create the Arranger events that you want to export and use the Flatten Chain function in the arranger editor. You can define as many sections as you want. I set up a new project as destination and as option I choose Open in a new project. Now, you can export your new project.

It works very well and it does not take very long to achieve.

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Don’t know if I understood the question correctly. But if you want to have one exported audio file which contains both audios, you could simply draw an additional export marker, on top of the existing ones and select that one when exporting (marker no. 3 in this example):

Another approach would be to use Track Versions to duplicate what you have and on one set edit out the stuff in the middle you don’t want.

The way I read it they want to exclude the gap between your green & yellow Markers.

Well the question was:

And the title is: Can Audio Export Combine to separated Cycle Markers into one file?
So, I don’t know :thinking: :man_shrugging: :joy:
(I read the “separated” thing as an additional info to understand the question better).

Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to offer the excellent answers and thoughts!

It’s: two audio events in a song that are separated by many bars. The specific situation is i want to render a guide vocal for the real singer to practice to, it encompasses vocal parts on either side of a 12 bar solo.

They don’t need to hear the solo, so i wanted to give them one rendered file that has the first vocal part followed almost immediately by the second.

What i did was create two cycle markers, render those, mute all tracks but those newly rendered ones, dragged them “close” to each other, then re-rendered that.

Got the job done, but lots of steps!

Thanks again :slight_smile: