Can audio interfaces crash Cubase/Nuendo? (driver stability, etc)

Hello people,
we all know most crashes happen because of

  1. buggy/outdated plugins
  2. internal bugs in Cubase/Nuendo
  3. OS incompatibilties

I am asking myself, can certain audio interfaces, or to be more precise their audio drivers, be also a cause for certain crashes in Cubase/Nuendo? This would explain, why certain people seem to have crashes, where others don’t, even if all software versions/OS are the same.

What is your take on this?

AFAIK i.e. RME or Lynx drivers are one of the most stable ones on the market, can anyone share their experience?
I am using an Antelope Zen Studio on Win11 and have to say, that Cubase runs fairly stable on my system, but occasionally I experienced some random crashes without created DMP files in the past, where Cubase just froze and quit. I then had to restart it. That does not happen anymore though, so it might have been cause by something else. But this looked like it could have to do with the audio driver.

Theoretically it would be possible i think, since the DAW communicates directly with the driver.

I run a RME Babyface pro fs on win 11 and haven’t had any crashes. I didn’t on win 10 either. My last interface was a zoom L-20 and that was fine as well. I suspect it’s more to do with plugins.

Yes, it’s possible for a driver to cause a crash, pretty rare in my experience.

and (according to reputation) even more rare with an RME.
I must admit though I’m about to sell back my Antelope interface because of too many driver “whims”… (but not a freeze like you describe)

Thats interesting, I am using my Zen Studio since 2018 and I never had an issue with drivers on Windows. If anyone would ask me, I’d have to say they are rock solid.
You read a lot of bad things about antelope in the internet, but I cannot confirm this.

What kind of crashes/hickups are these in your experience?

Strictly when there’s an error in the driver’s code, then, once fixed not again.

I use very little of what I read on the Internet to inform myself on this subject. I follow what software companies and developers them selves have to say, if anything.

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Antelope do seem to treat windows as 2nd best unlike RME

I have had some mixed experience with MOTU on windows. From blue screens to rock solid.
TC was a nightmare, with the driver development outsourced to some company in India.
After that I have used RME and Yamaha/Steinberg interfaces with great success.
With the faster development of Windows, it has been necessary to update drivers more often.

Yeah, I am about to buy into MOTU, so far I heard mostly good things with the newer models. They used to be a bit buggy in the past on Windows, if you can believe some comments on certain forums, but that does not seem to be the case anymore.