Can Audio Mixdown only use one track

I am getting bananas here. I can only select one track to go into the mix. Unless I use batch, then I can select many tracks, but of course they will end up in separate files - which is NOT what I want. Is it not possible to select more than one output/track to go into the mixdown? Not much of a “mix” if you can only select one channel?

Just select the stereo out one on the left side and up top;)

Ohh I have done that many times. And it works if all stuff is routed to that output, but isn’t it supposed to be able to handle more than one output? After all there are checkboxes and lots of channels, but it is only possible to select one.

Can you post a screenshot of your export window?

Things to try:

  • loop the whole track area
  • make sure single events are not selected

Good luck:)

of cors it is not possible to get in any other way. you can only get all tracks in one file or all on separate ones. it isen’t any other way

Pretty sure it’s never been able to (or supposed to be able to) mixdown a selection of outputs.

If your tracks aren’t all routed to a single output bus then how are you even hearing it as a mix?

I guess i misunderstood your question…lol

Just solo the tracks you want in the mixdown and export the stereo out bus…

Hope i didnt misunderstand you again…:stuck_out_tongue: