Can C13 go PROPER full screen on Mac?

Always perplexed me why Cubase doesn’t go into proper full screen mode on Mac. It only expands up to the dock. I want proper full screen the way Logic does it.

Can any coder types tell me why this would be so hard to implement? Seems like it would be something that could be coded in an afternoon, surely?


Add the feature-request tag to your post, please.

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I think the main problem is with all the screens that need to pop-up (Internally and third party) within the fullscreen mode.

Reason I say this is that from using other DAWs that have do have fullscreen, many of the dialog windows will open up on a different desktop. I’m not sure how they would handle things like the mixer being opened, for example.

However, i’ve noticed that Reaper manages it pretty well nowadays. So, you’d think if a team of two or so can do it, Steinberg could.

Maybe it’s more related to the framework they use is not equipped to handle it yet?

I find that hiding the dock (Cmd+Opt+D) is no big deal though once you’re familiar with the MacOS key command, all you’re losing from screen space is the menu at the top then.