Can C8.5 run in Mavericks (10.9.5)? says 10.10

I currently running a fine system of Mac Pro 8 core with many physical external and internal additional hardware.
My 2008 can not go any higher and runs Mavericks (10.9.5) fine. 24 GbRam, good video card, etc.

I was surprised that this 1/2 number upgrade from C8 to C8.5 suddenly left my computer in the cemetary of forgotten users.

Has anyone found that it runs fine in Mac OS 10.9.5 (Mavericks)?

I tried installling Yosemite on an extra drive and over 1/2 my software wouldn’t work with that upgrade (10.10)
The computer runs but without spending a lot of money on upgrades and replacements for non-gradeable software, I’m stuck.

Would love to know that C8.5 was working on Mavericks ok and have no issue paying the $50 upgrade. But only if it works.
To tricky to have a boot drive for mostly one program and OS.

Love to hear from you all.

(please don’t make this a 'well it’s over 7 years old your computer, as the hardware and software are newer than that,
and at this time a new similar 8 core is out of my budget)

el profe

I’m still on OS X 10.9.5 here (see my system specs in my signature, below)… and no problems with Cubase 8.5 (so far :wink: )

Same as Vic…no problems so far. Wondering though…if support from Steinberg is ever required, will it be provided? No plans to update my O/S for the foreseeable future.

Thanks guys!
I often wonder why things like this are not mentioned officially, or if there are some hidden problems, why they aren’t published as either or both warnings & workarounds (if they can be otherwise to avoid problematic proceedures to help you with your current setup that is not in the published stats).

I know they say it’s installed as a separate program (as have all past versions of Cubase).
Should I do anything to avoid mixups in the system (due to confusion caused by similar labeled system files) and problems if I decide to keep 8.0 simulataneously with 8.5 in case I run into problems booting older cubase song files?

and a Happy Holidays to both of you (and everyone else who reads this post out of interest)!!!

Good to read you posting Vic France, takes me back many years now that we’ve gone thru topics together on this and former versions of this list/forum. Hope all is well. At 61, it feels nice to be a ‘Junior’ member. ho ho ho!
Hope you’re feeling younger than ever!

au revoir,

el profe

Works here on 10.9.5 as well.

I think that most companies, when they state “not supported for…”, it means only that that particular operating system wasn’t taken into account during developement/testing (so they have no idea if, maybe, it will still work just fine, or maybe have certain anomalies if the newer OS has changed graphics framework etc., or if running the app will cause your refrigerator to explode :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hey vic_france,

I hope all is well with you. It’s been a little bit of time (over a year) since I was asking about this. And I appreciated your (and others) replies.

----fresh but related question for you and the gang here on the boards-----

I just updated to El Capitan (the last Mac OS that is supposed to run on my old MacPro (early 2008) 8 core.

I see that you’re signature says you are running Cubase 9.

Is that with Mavericks or ? Any issues?

I purposely installed a newer 4TB internal HD partitioned it into 2 partitions.
Less than a year ago I carbon copy cloned my Mavericks onto one, then upgraded that to Yosemite & updates-> 10.10.5
and a week ago ccc’d that to the 2nd partition and updated that to El Capitan & updates -> 10.11.6

Both have Cubase 8.0.40 on them (and I believe I have gotten most if not all the different apps drivers updated (that’s a bit of tedious errand, eh?).

I was about to download the trial Cubase 9 to see if it will run ok since a) it’s not Sierra and b) it’s not an intel i5 or i7 machine but the older xeon mac pros.

Any thoughts from your experiences on that?

so far, I noticed when I booted the R&B song template, the first and only alert I got from Cubase 8.0.40 was ‘Audio files missing from Halion SE’ since it uses a Halion R&B drum kit for a bunch of bars to get you started.
I just picked that at random, guess it was the short straw, as they say. :frowning:

I searched and saw that others had a similar issue that the some say they didn’t get the full installer on the download.
Don’t know, I sent a message out to one of the moderators to find out if there’s a download that fixes that?

Has C9 been a smooth ride? Any issues I might want to know about without spending a ton of hours search the board here, that you encountered and fixed (a link to the thread would be enough, no need to type for a long time, unless you just had a fresh cup of coffee and feel like it, haha)


el profe, LG

Hi Prof,
I’m still on OS X 10.9.5 here, and no problems (so far :wink: ) with Cubase 9.0.10. Didn’t get any “missing file” errors. Just a wild guess, but if there are any “missing files” upon installation, they are almost certainly present in the download file, so you might just have to go search for them manually (maybe can help out there :wink:

Thanks Vic, I just found the full v 8 install saved to a backup disc (too many of those HDs sitting in the corner to count these days).
A re-install plus the interesting Steinberg software that comes up first before the install with info/tutorials/install/updates, etc. was pretty cool. I forgot all about that. I think Ver 8 was the first time that was used. Pretty nifty.

So I installed and then updated and also updated the eLicense Control Center app while there.

So now all my presets are back (logical editor for midi, HalionSE, etc.).

Now I’m going to boot up in Yosemite and then El Capitan and repeat that procedure.
Apparently once the files were missing on Mavericks all the OS updates created on new partitions of new internal drives carried over the error when using the Migration Assistant, so I have to fix all of them.

Then I have to find what’s driving my MacPro nuts in El Capitan. I can’t restart or shut down without resorting to the power button mechanical procedure. Something’s keeping it from shutting down. I’m trying to figure out how to un-install some of the old startup items that are in my system preferences window at the very bottom row (the ones that are not apple preference setup icons). I think maybe they are not good for the system. Otherwise I’m not sure what else could be keep it ‘awake’ so to say (dock and finder are there but no top menus and tried all kinds of quit applications to relaunch finder to try to quit again, nothing works short of the power button hold down till power down. I even tired the old pull the AC cable out for a couple minutes before turning on to reset the machine. Nada… Time to call apple for a machine that’s no longer being supported. oy

Ah just found out how to get rid of those 3rd party preference buttons in the Mac’s System Preferences.
Simple: To remove a 3rd party preference 'Control" + right click and you’ll get a prompt asking you if you want to delete it.
You choose at that point if you wish to confirm that and when you do, BAM, IT’s GONE.

Even doing that with out of date system prefs hasn’t fixed my problem.
I think the only answer is to reformat the drive.
I tried erasing the partition one time and using migration assistant, but hasn’t fixed it.
The computer won’t shut down in El Capitan without holding the power button down.

Time to start from scratch. Yosemite is not doing that, Only El Capitan.