Can chord symbolCas be played?

The Dorico Help file indicates that chord symbols can be played back in Play Mode, but the minimal instructions given there do not work for me. Obviously I’m missing–or misunderstanding–something. Is there a video that shows how this can be done?

Any help would be appreciated.


Did you assign an instrument to the chord track in Play?

Just yesterday I tried chord playback for the first time - out of curiosity I went to Playback Mode, in the left panel clicked onto the chord track, choose a playback device (before there was none selected, just “- - -”). Just as Derrik suggests. Now the chords played back beatifully :-). (pardon my English)

The one step that might not be obvious is that you also need to click the little speaker icon in the chord track to activate it, as well as assigning it to a particular plug-in and channel.

Thanks, everyone. I was clicking on the speaker icon but NOT assigning a playback device. (I thought that would be done automatically, using the instrument staff with the chord symbols, and I didn’t know what “- - -” meant.) Also, I had to assign a playback sound, choosing a number corresponding to one of the assigned Halcion instruments. I finally got it to work. I must say that the instructions in the Dorico Help file didn’t go into that much detail–all of which is necessary to get chord playback working. Details, details, details! Thanks, again.